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Victory: Paw Art

When we went to Annapolis over Thanksgiving weekend, we purchased a Paw Posie Kit.  With this kit, you first place the paint on a wet sponge and then you take your furry family member’s paw and place his/her paw in the paint and then you immediately place the paw on the paper.  You repeat this process until you have roughly three to four paw prints on the paper, heavy card stock.  (We purchased a red kit, which came out looking a little pink — Victory’s favorite color.)

On a weekend after Victory’s paws and nails were clipped at the vet’s office, we decided to make her paw prints because there was less fur to get in the way of her prints.  It took both Doug and I to make the paw prints.  As a result, I could not photograph the process of making Victory’s paw prints.  Doug held the paper and I dabbed Victory’s paw in the paint and placed her paw on the paper three times!  Victory was extremely cooperative, and she made beautiful paw prints — she is a Pawcasso!  Then, we gave her a bath, much to Victory’s dismay, to wash off the paint, etc.

After the paint was dry containing her beautiful and dainty paw prints, shown below on the lower right, we sent the paw prints along with background information about Victory to the artist, Rosemary Williams, located in Annapolis, who uses water colors to create flowers from the paw prints.  We decided we wanted red roses to be made out of Victory’s paw prints.  Thus, Rosemary made wild red roses out of Victory’s paw prints and you can still even see the detail of Victory’s prints from her paw on the final watercolor, shown below!  We are going to professionally frame and hang Victory’s Paw Posies in our home in order to preserve her paw prints!  We think that this is a really unique keepsake; we had fun making the paw prints together; and we were pleased with the result — the final watercolor feels like our sweet Victory!

Happy Wednesday!


IMG_6698 2


IMG_6698 2


IMG_4699 2


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  1. Robin Pawson #

    What a neat idea Katy!

    January 14, 2015
  2. Pat Pope #

    How beautiful! Even the original paw prints are pretty. A very clever idea and a great keepsake.

    January 14, 2015
  3. Anonymous #

    I love the art. That was cool!!

    January 14, 2015
  4. Lisa #

    unique….turned out really nice

    January 15, 2015

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