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Making A Christmas Ornament with Your Furry Family Member!

Over the weekend, we made a paw print Christmas ornament with our little Victory for our Christmas tree!  I love Christmas ornaments and we thought that this would be a nice keepsake as well.  I could not photograph the process of making the ornament with Victory because I had to help Doug place Victory’s paw in the putty, and I only have two hands!

It is pretty simple and easy to make a paw print ornament via a kit.  Additionally, I am sure that there are recipes to make your own homemade putty/clay as well.

1. Kneed the putty for a minute.

2. Spread the putty out.

3. Smooth the putty.

4. Place your furry family member’s paw in the putty and hold for several seconds.  You want to press your furry family member’s paw firm enough to make the paw print, while not pressing too firmly.  It is important that the paw is thoroughly cleaned and dry before placing your furry family member’s paw in the putty.

5. Make a circular hole, where desired, for the ribbon using a straw and knife.

6. Place ornament on a cutting board and let the putty dry.

7. After the ornament has completely dried, string the ornament with ribbon.

8. Write your furry family member’s name and date on the back of the ornament.  You also can purchase letters to press into the putty to create your furry family member’s name under or above his/her paw print.

9. Spray the ornament with Valspar clear semi-gloss spray (if you wish).

10. Place the ornament on your Christmas tree!

We made a rectangular shaped paw print ornament, which is now on our Christmas tree!  (Victory was recently groomed, so there was less hair on her paws to obtain a better print!)  We are going to try again and make a circular shaped ornament with Victory’s paw print soon!

Happy Tuesday!


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