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‘The Middle’

‘The middle’ is where I have been spending a lot of my time with my long-term dog photography project.  The “middle,” to me, are those long hours of creating that fall between the exciting beginning and the finale and the gratification of finishing.  I have been working on this project consistently for almost two years now as of this winter, with a bit more work to complete.  Biscuit was the inspiration for this project and this body of work will be dedicated to him in his great honor.   To be succinct, Biscuit positively changed our lives forever.

It is easy to find joy in the completion of the accomplishment.  However, at times, it is ‘the middle’ that I struggle with.  The doing; the process; the working through the issues that arise; the daily work; and so on.  There are days that things do not go as planned and unanticipated issues arise.  However, no matter what, the need and desire never leaves me to keep pressing on.  Some days showing up and working is easier than others.  There are days where I just need a break, which helps brings a fresh perspective and breath of fresh air to the work.  All the while, I am finding the joy in ‘the middle.’  I am focusing on how grateful I am to be able to work on this project, while meeting like-minded people.  It really is a wonderful honor.  So far, I have been so fortunate to have wonderful people helping me to bring this project to fruition, which will raise awareness and allows me to study the relationship between dog and human, a subject that I am very curious about.  (I cannot wait to share more information upon the project’s completion).  So, for all of you in ‘the middle,’ which is where we spend most of our lives, enjoy and savor ‘the middle.’


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