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Making Pizza on the Grill!

I typically do not blog about cooking or baking; however, Doug and I recently made our first personal pizzas on our Big Green Egg!  They turned out really well!  Below are the finished pizzas that we made on the grill!  We look forward to making more pizzas on the grill (year round)!  The pizzas turned out crispy and delicious!  The ingredients are listed below!


IMG_7105 3



King Arthur Pizza Dough Mix

King Arthur Pizza Doug Flavor


Flavored Oil (used as a garnish on the pizzas)

LaRosa’s Pizza Sauce

Fresh mozzarella cheese (right pizza)

Shredded mozzarella cheese (left pizza)

Pepperoni (left pizza)

Peppers (right pizza)

Fresh basil (both pizzas)

Cherry tomatoes (right pizza)

Pizza stones


Happy Monday!

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