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Vacation: What to Pack for Your Furry Family Member

Doug and I have begun to make our packing list and a list of items we need to buy prior to leaving for vacation.  While making our list, we realized that we have an entire list dedicated to Victory!

While this list, shown below, is not exhaustive, it should be a good starting point to help you get your furry family member ready and packed for vacation!

1. International Health Certificate — If you are traveling internationally, you need to make sure you have the appropriate paper work completed by your vet in the proper amount of time prior to your vacation.  You can learn more about what each country requires in order for your furry family member to enter particular countries by visiting here.

2. Car Bed — Victory loves to sit on our laps, but we use the Eco Nap Mat in the car for Victory to sit on.  We want her to be extra comfortable!

3. Seat Belt — We use a travel seat belt when only one of us is in the car with Victory to prevent her from wandering all over while we are driving.  (She likes to hop in her Daddy’s lap while he is driving!)  We use this travel seat belt and it works well and seems to fit Victory well.

4. Baby Shade for Car — The sun can be so bright in the car, especially if you are traveling a long distance.  Therefore, we got this baby shade (one for each side of the car) in order to keep Victory in the shade!

5. Doggles — Of course, we had to get Victory some Doggles!  Biscuit had a pair of Doggles as well!  Victory is pictured below sporting her new Doggles!  She is such a good girl!  She cooperated and let me take some photographs of her wearing her Doggles!  She is just adorable!

6. Leash — You should keep a leash handy when traveling with your furry family member!  Even if your furry family member is good off-leash, it is a good idea to have a leash available to use especially in situations where your dog could be a flight risk, etc.  Victory is always on a leash when we are outside, excluding the dog park!  We use this leash from Orvis!

7. Tags — Especially when traveling, it is a good idea to have all of your furry family member’s tags in case an issue arises.

8. Rain Coat — Since the weather is unpredictable, it is always a good idea to bring a rain coat for your furry family member!  We use this rain coat, which works really well!

9. Life Jacket — During our vacation we are staying on the water, and we decided to get Victory this life jacket!  We shall see if she likes the water!  (Biscuit was not a fan of going into the water, but he loved the beach!

10. Food (and measuring cups) — Victory eats a combination of dry food and wet food, which we will pack.  We are going to pack white rice with us in case we need to put her on a bland diet with rice and chicken.

11. Travel Food/Water Dishes — You need food/water dishes to feed your furry family member while you are gone!  We continue to use the travel bowls that Biscuit used on vacation/traveling.

12. Treats — Victory loves treats!  One of her favorite treats is Cheese Please!  I am sure that she will get very spoiled while we are away on vacation!

13. Medicine/Supplements — Right now, thank goodness, Victory is not on any medicine or supplements other than her monthly heart worm medicine and Frontline.  We still need to pack these items as these will be due for Victory while we are away.

14. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Dental Spray — Fortunately,Victory permits me to brush her teeth daily and it is really helping to minimize her tartar on a few of her bath teeth!  We use this toothpaste from the vet in poultry flavor and this dental spray. So, we will try to keep this up on vacation as well!

15. Poop Bags — While traveling you, of course, need poop bags!  We get our poop bags in bulk from here.

16. Brush/Comb/Baby Powder — Since Victory has long hair, I brush her just about every day.  She is very good and she tolerates it, which prevents a build up of tangles/mats, making her brushing much more difficult (and painful).  The baby powder minimizes the grease behind her ears keeping her looking fresh and smelling good!  We is a pin brush and a comb along with baby powder to keep Victory looking her best!

17. Shampoo/Conditioner — Since Victory might get dirty or go in the water during vacation, it is a good idea that we bring her shampoo and conditioner since this brand does not give her any skin reactions!  We use Espree oatmeal shampoo and luxury conditioner.

18. Bed/’Hut’ — Since Victory loves her ‘hut’ we are packing it for her so that she can feel more comfortable in her new surroundings during vacation!  If you are interested in a ‘hut’ for your furry family member, you can get one here!  Additionally, Victory has Orvis beds that she now takes a nap on!

19. Toys — Victory hoards her toys and chews them — she keeps a myriad of toys in her ‘hut’!  So, we are packing some of her toys.  Doug and I pick up toys for her when we are out and about.  Victory does like to go to the pet store, and we end up getting her a few more stuffies (toys) for her to chew on!

20. Hound About — Since Victory has a bit of anxiety in new spaces, and she loves the Hound About, we are packing the Hound About in order to take Victory into the city in style!  Victory is perfectly capable of walking; however, this way, she can see the sights without being anxious in a new situation!

I am sure that there are other things we will need to pack, but hopefully, this list will get you started with you vacation packing for your furry family member!  As you can see, Victory will have more gear for vacation than both Doug and I will have combined!


IMG_6688 3
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  1. Pat Pope #

    WOW! Victory must be going on The Grand Tour. Did you remember to pack her food?

    August 7, 2014
  2. Love that picture.

    August 7, 2014

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