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Fallston Animal Rescue Movement, Inc. — Part XIII – Rescue dogs in need of furever homes

I am excited about a long-term Dog Photography Project that I am working on with the Baltimore Animal Rescue Care Shelter (BARCS) as well as some local dog rescue organizations, including the Fallston Animal Rescue Movement, Inc.  I hope to share further information in the future.  Using the following links, you can view Part I,  Part II,  Part IIIPart IVPart VPart VIPart VIIPart VIIIPart IX and XPart XI, and Part XII.

For now, I can share some color photographs of these doggies pictured below in the hopes that they receive furever homes!  If you are interested in adopting (or fostering in some cases) any of these dogs pictured below, please contact Fallston Animal Rescue Movement, Inc. for further information.  Please consider dog rescue!  Biscuit’s rescue story illustrates that we can make a positive difference and impact in one dog’s life.

At this point, almost all of the images for Part 1 of this project have been photographed!  I have been working on this project for over a year!  Part 2 of this project is also under way!  I can’t wait to share this project upon its completion!


Below is a brief description of the dogs in the order they are pictured below.

1. Simon — is a male 14-year-old Fox Terrier Mix.  Simon is very loving, sweet, and easy going senior dog, and he is in need of a furever home!

2. Mello — is a male 4-year-old Corgi Mix.  Mellow is a happy go-lucky doggie who is in need of a furever home!  Mello is housebroken and he does well with children!

3. Skylar — Adopted!

4. Fiona — is a female 8-year-old Maltese Mix.  Fiona had a terrible flea infestation when she arrived in rescue.  She has been treated and, as a result, has some skin issues that are being treated. Fiona is in need of a furever home!

5. Patches — is a 12 week old Pit Bull Terrier.  Patches is full of energy!  Patches has a medial issue that is being treated by the rescue.  Patches is looking for a home with someone willing to care for and train a puppy pit bull.

If you want to adopt a rescue dog; donate money; and/or contribute your time to the Fallston Animal Rescue Movement, Inc., please contact Fallston Animal Rescue Movement, Inc. via email at  To learn more, you can also visit the Fallston Animal Rescue Movement, Inc.’s website.


IMG_3401 2 Simon

IMG_3477 2 Mello

IMG_3683 2 Skylar

IMG_4119 2 Fiona

IMG_4521 2 Patches



IMG_3401 2 Faces FARM


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