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ASPCA — First and Free Interactive Mobile App for Pet Parents

The ASPCA recently contacted me to share its first and free interactive mobile app designed for pet parents to help pet parents quickly locate their furry family member when their precious furry family member goes missing.  You can download this app for free on the iPhone and Android.  The ASPCA believes that this is an essential app for pet parents and pet lovers as it show you exactly how to search for your pet if he/she goes missing, which is (1) tailored to your specific circumstance; and (2) each pet’s individual personality.  With July 4 quickly approaching, furry family members often go missing after being scared by fireworks and other loud noises.

Furthermore, through the app, users are also able to build a digital lost pet flyer that can be shared instantly on their social networks. The app will also provide the most critical advice on ensuring a pet’s safety before, during and after a major storm or natural disaster.

Lastly but also importantly, the app will allow pet owners to store all their pet’s relevant information, such as vaccination history and dietary info, all in one convenient place.

Anyone would be panicked and understandably upset if their pet went missing, and this free app from the ASPCA looks like a great tool to help locate one’s pet if he/she goes missing along with keeping one’s pet’s records in one place.  To download the app, please visit here.

Happy Tuesday!


ASPCA mobile app

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  1. Pat Pope #

    Good Information.

    July 1, 2014

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