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Things I Love: Summer 2014

It is officially summer, and I wanted to share some items that I love!  We are looking forward to longer days and more time outside!


loving summer 2014


1. Still Writing by Dani Shapiro – I am almost done reading this book, and it is great and I highly recommend it to creatives!  Shapiro talks about the struggles of writing, but almost everything she says can be applied to any creative discipline.  It reminded me that showing up and being dedicated to the work every day is how creatives create their work.

2. Big Green Egg — Since it has become warmer outside, Doug has been grilling on our Big Green Egg!  The food is always tasty!

3. Orange is the New Black — We are almost done with Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, and we enjoy watching this series!

4. Groove Short — I love Lululemon and recently got these shorts — they are very comfortable and nice to wear in the warmer months.  Plus, Victory came with us to Lululemon and she even came with me into the dressing room like Biscuit used to do — furry friends are permitted in all Lululemon stores!

5. Rita’s – We love Rita’s!  Sometimes we go several evenings in a row!  Fortunately, there is a Rita’s not too far from our house!  Victory loves to go with us as well.  She loves the vanilla custard — in moderation, of course!

6. Petzlife — Victory came to us with a bit of tarter on her two back molars.  Fortunately, with regular brushing and use of the Petzlife Oral Care spray, we have gotten rid of most of the tarter!  We try to brush Victory’s teeth four to five times a week — she tolerates me brushing them!  We also give her dental treats from the vet to also help clean her teeth!  Otherwise, her teeth are in great shape and we want to prevent teeth cleanings to mitigate her going under anesthesia.

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Pat Pope #

    Glad your Summer is going well. I was out and about all day yesterday. Had fun but was so glad to get home. It is good that you clean Victory’s teeth right from the start and that she tolerates it. I think Dusty was MAD at me when I got home. Ignored me and went back to sleep.

    June 25, 2014

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