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Updated Website —

I have made some recent changes to my website, including a new domain name, a new email address, and some stylistic changes and updates have been made as well — after much work!  My goal was to ‘freshen up’ my website with a slightly updated, modern look and feel.   My Dad helped me update my logo; my website host helped me make other stylistic changes; the company holding my domain name helped take care of  items on the back-end; and I made content updates.  This undertaking was a bit more work than I had anticipated; however, I am happy with the new domain name, look and feel of my website, which fits nicely with the blog.  After much thought, I changed my domain name because I wanted an artist’s website associated only with my name to share my work, and I wanted to secure the new domain name as well.  I believe developing your web presence, look and feel, is an ever evolving process.

The new domain name/address of my website is, and my new email address is  (The prior domain name automatically forwards to the new domain name; and my old email address automatically forwards to my new email address.)

And now, I hope you will go check out my updated website!

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!


Katherine Carver

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