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Weekend Wrap Up

We had a productive weekend with gorgeous weather.  We donated some furniture we no longer needed.  We gave Victory a bath that she really needed.  This time, she at least was smiling during her bath, but she still wanted out of the tub!  Doug (along with Victory who loves to go in the car), came with me to pick out flowers and plants.  We planted flowers and plants; and I planted flowers in flower boxes and planters.  This was my first time ‘gardening.’  Doug (I assisted) put together some patio furniture.  Thankfully, Doug is really good at this sort of endeavor and he has so much patience.  We sat out on our deck last night and read for the first time.  It was really peaceful and Victory seemed to like being outside with us — she meandered around and then she eventually sat beside us.  So far, Victory would rather lay on the deck than in her Orvis outdoor bed!  We are looking forward to spending more evenings outside!

Happy Monday!


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