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Daily Practice: The Timer

I learned this daily practice from writer, Elizabeth Gilbert.  Do you ever feel that you do not have time to do your art or be creative?  Well, it takes is 30 minutes a day with the use of a timer and you can begin to make some progress.  During the day (or evening), you sit down and set the timer for 30 minutes.  You work on your project or craft for 30 minutes without distraction or interruption.  During this time, you just focus on your work, and you do not get up until the timer has gone off.  Then, you continue this daily practice each day moving forward.

Do you have any idea how much you can get done when you focus your attention on something for 30 minutes a day if honored consistently?  Over the long-term, taking daily action and practice, you can make huge progress that otherwise may seem overwhelming.  This practice is not very glamorous, but it is effective.  This practice has helped move my photography project forward (there is still much work to be done), and it really can be applied to any aspect of your life.

So, don’t wait for the world to clear out time and space for your dreams and your art.  It doesn’t happen that way.  Things will never be ‘perfect.’  Thus, get a timer and clear out your own little space for your art.  You will  be amazed what happens — over time, a daily practice soon renders significant results.  Thus far, this practice has been very beneficial to me.

“If you work on something a little bit everyday, you end up with something that is massive.” ~Kenneth Goldsmith

Happy practicing and creating!


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  1. Pat Pope #

    What a good idea!

    May 19, 2014

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