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Victory: Mother’s Day

I had a nice Mother’s Day with little Victory and Doug!  We spent the day together and Doug made us breakfast, malted waffles, and Victory had some vanilla yogurt along with a few pieces of waffle!  She gave me a really cute card and a pair of Toms, which are extremely light-weight and comfortable slip-ons, which are great for summer!  (Victory told me that she wanted to get me Toms with doggie friends printed on them, but so far Toms does not have any available so she is keeping her eyes out!)  We also went to dinner together at one of my favorites places, the Iron Hill Brewery, located in Delaware!  We also managed to go to the dog park, one of Victory’s favorite places!  We found some great light on Sunday and decided to take some impromptu photos of us together shown below to commemorate our first Mother’s Day together!  I love our little Victory so much and we are very grateful that she is a part of our family and I am so happy to be her Mama!  I know that Biscuit is always with us.


IMG_5297 2



IMG_5373 2



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  1. Pat Pope #

    Love those photos! Victory is smaller than I realized. You look very pretty! Victory also, of course.

    May 13, 2014

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