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Blogging: Behind the Scenes

It may look like blogging is really easy, and that is my hope with the blog — that it appears ‘easy.’  However, a lot of work and time goes into making a blog behind the scenes.

1. Consistency:  People like to visit blogs where they know that new content will be posted on a regular basis.  This, I believe, is what keeps readers coming back to the blog!  (I know I only visit blogs where I know the content will be new.)  However, I believe that this is the most challenging part about maintaining a blog — you have to make the commitment to create content on a regular and consistent basis.  Depending upon the specific blog post, I usually spend one to three hours on an individual blog post.  Some people keep a “blogging calendar.”  However, I am not one of those people.  I usually have ideas for the blog that I work on and post when appropriate.  Sometimes ideas come to me at the gym, in the shower, on a walk outside, etc.  I try to stay a few blog posts ahead of schedule, but there are times that this is not always possible.  I do my best to blog four to five times a week to maintain consistency.

2. Developing New Content: Part of having a blog is to make it unique, personal, and have content that hopefully has readers subscribe and come back to check the blog regularly for new content!  Thankfully, there are so many more readers than when I first started blogging a little over two years ago!  Sometimes, I have a lot of ideas for the blog, and other times, it is more challenging to develop new content, especially if there is a lot going on in life.  However, I do my best to keep the content fresh and new.  I think that it is important to strike a balance between sharing your work and your life with your readers.  This is why I have developed several series on the blog to enable me to share more personal information with readers.  I think that this helps readers connect with the blog.

3. Preparing Images: After developing content, a lot of time goes into shooting, culling, editing, and archiving images for the blog.  I only use Photoshop to edit my images, one by one.  (I have even branched out and i have begun to make videos — stay tuned.)  I only put images on the blog that I am happy with and meet my standards.  I want to showcase my work and content in a particular way.  The blog has a nice clean and simple look that I want to continue and maintain.  BlogStomp has been a life saver that I began using last spring!  Thus, a lot of work occurs behind the scenes when shooting and editing images for the blog.

4. Formatting and Proofing: After I have written a blog post, I then format the text and upload and insert images, where appropriate, and proof read everything one last time before posting.  I try my best to be typo free!

5.  Authenticity: I believe being authentic is the real key to a blog.  It is important that I am true to myself and that my posts come from my heart.

6. Ad Free: The blog is ad free.  I have been approached to have ads on my blog; however, I feel that it is not appropriate and I want to keep the focus on the content.  I also believe that reader’s trust is vital.  When you sell an ad, what you are really selling is your readers’ attention and trust.  As a result, it does not feel right to advertise here on the blog.

For me, I enjoy blogging because I have this little tiny space, the blog, which documents my work and our life together forever — and I really  like how tangible this is!

In the image below, Biscuit was blogging with me from Nova Scotia!

Happy Tuesday!


IMG_3546 2


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  1. Pat Pope #

    I LOVE this photo! You look so beautiful and Biscuit looks intent on blogging. He was so beautiful.

    April 8, 2014

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