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Victory: First Training Class

Earlier this week, we started dog training class with our little Victory!  Doug and I attended the first class a few weeks ago with just the humans to prepare us for the dog training class.  Victory enjoyed training class and she was smiling the entire time!  Victory learned her marking word, “charming” (named after the fictitious city in Sons of Anarchy, the first series we watched on Netflix with Victory from start to finish (there is still another forthcoming season), and it is a word that does not come up often in conversation — Doug picked our marking word!); “look at me;” “watch me;” “cot,” the command for Victory to get up on her cot, her Kuranda Cot, which is required for our training class; and “down,” the command for Victory to get off the cot; and “sit.”  Victory did very well in class and we have been working on “sit” at home this week!  There is even a male tri-color sheltie friend that Victory was eyeing in class!

Before starting training off the bat, we first wanted to give Victory a chance to acclimate as she was quite nervous when we first brought her home.  However, our little girl is blossoming and sprouting her sheltie furs!  We also wanted the temperatures to warm up so we could practice training materials in multiple environments, inside and outside.  Thankfully, it is warming up here some.  We still want to see spring temperatures and more sunshine, especially after our harsh winter!

Below, Victory posed for me on her Kuranda Cot to help get her used to it prior to training class.  She listened and stayed put while I photographed her!  She is a smart little sheltie!  Of course, we did get Victory’s Kuranda Cot embroidered with her name on it since embroidering was available (she is the only one in class with an embroidered Kuranda Cot!)  On a good note, Victory is starting to spend time on her Orvis bed located in our living room.  She still has two more Orvis beds to try out (formerly Biscuit’s Orvis beds)!  Also, the other night, Victory gave me her paw a few times in bed after she washed my entire face and then licked Doug’s arm pits via his t-shirt!  Doug must have some pretty amazing ‘natural body scent!’  Perhaps this is a sign that she is getting more comfortable in her home!

Happy Friday!


IMG_3840 2



IMG_3932 2


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  1. Pat Pope #

    Very interesting to hear about the class.

    April 7, 2014

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