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Things I Love: Spring 2014

Well, it is technically spring, but it sure does not feel like it yet!  Hopefully, spring is on its way soon!


what I love


1. Cetaphil Facial Cleanser — A friend recommended this facial cleaners and it works really well.  I have been really happy with this facial cleanser, and it is not expensive, a plus!

2. No. 7 Protect & Perfect Protection & Perfection Intense Serum — I read about this product in a magazine, and I use it daily.  It helps with having firmer and brighter skin!  I use this product mostly around my eyes.

3. Athletica — I love Lululemon, but I also really like some of the tops from Athletica!  They are really comfy and versatile!

4. SanDisk — I only use SanDisk memory cards in my camera, and so far, they have not let me down (knock on wood!).  I highly recommend using SanDisk memory cards — so far, they have been reliable!

5. The Killing — Doug and I watched the first two seasons of The Killing on Netflix (one episode after another!)  We are beginning the third season!  This series is really interesting and addictive to watch as it keeps you guessing as to who is the killer!

6. Cheese Please — Victory loves cheese.  So, in her BarkBox, we received a sampling of this yummy treat and we had to get her some more, so Doug ordered two boxes, one of which, is already gone!  It is an all natural treat.  So, if your furry family member loves cheese, I highly recommend trying this dog treat!

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Wednesday!

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