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Victory’s Life in Photos: 2014

Below are some photos of Victory thus far from 2014!  I am so glad to be documenting our precious little Victory!  The images begin in the lower right corner with Victory wanting more prime rib (after eating a plate of prime rib) on New Year’s!  The images conclude in the upper left corner with Victory at the dog park!  We recently took Victory to two dog parks, and she really enjoyed them!  Doug and I will likely join at least one of the dog parks so Victory can continue to have fun at the dog park!  However, last weekend, our little Victory was, shall we say, violated — she was ‘humped’ by a 3.5 pound shaved Pomeranian, named Cheese!  Cheese just could not get enough of our Victory.  Victory entered the park and Cheese was literally climbing on our little Victory!  Thankfully, Cheese’s human took him for a ‘time out.’  Interestingly, Victory did not seem to mind!  Victory has such a sweet temperament!  I will share more photos next week from our adventures to the dog parks!

We really want spring to be here and stay.  However, Doug mentioned that we are scheduled for snow next week!  Hopefully, spring will make its appearance and stay for a while!  At least, this is what we hope!

Happy Friday!


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