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The Zone

Have you ever been in the “zone?”  That place where you are able to tune everything out and focus on the task at hand?  I hope to fully develop this skill and practice.  Sometimes, this can be difficult.  I have found, while working on a project, my photography in particular, it is best to let everything else go and be in the moment focusing on the one task.  This enables me to be immersed in this one task, letting go of the feeling that I need to quickly rush through it, moving on to the next task.  I find when I rush through something, my results are not what I had hoped for.  I also find that it is best to be in one task, making it my entire universe.  Using this mindset allows me to be much more productive.  When I am in the “zone” there is no longer any concept of time and I am not worrying about anything else other than the one project that I am working on.  This is one of the best feelings to be totally and completely immersed in work I love!

On another note, Pat Pope is the winner of the PetBox Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Pat Pope #

    I was so excited to learn that Dusty & I won the giveaway! Can’t wait to open the box. My thanks to you! Re: ZONE – Sometimes I feel I’m in a ZONE just to THINK about my life and things in general. When I come out of it it’s like waking up from a nap. pkp

    March 19, 2014

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