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Now and Then

Prior to our move to our new house, we typically visited the home construction site on a weekly basis on the weekends to see the progress of our new home being built.  Biscuit loved going and walking around the construction site; and he liked sniffing around the new neighborhood.  Thankfully, before Biscuit passed away, Biscuit was able to go inside our home just after the drywall was put up.  We wish that he was able to move to the new house with us.  I think that he knew that we were building a home for us all.

The builder is still building homes in our neighborhood, and this weekend we took Victory around to the portion of the neighborhood that is under construction (the construction workers were not working).  She does enjoy her walks — she is a speedy little walker!

Below are images of Biscuit and Victory at the construction site on the same street facing opposite directions, taken approximately six (6) month apart.


Biscuit is pictured below.

IMG_9200 2


Victory is pictured below.

IMG_3250 2

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