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Which State Matches Your Personality?

Here is a fun little quiz which may indicate which state of the United States purportedly best matches your personality and attitude.

A 13 year study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, was an exhaustive one, including nearly 1.6 million survey respondents from the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia.

When the returns were tallied, the country broke down into three macro regions:

New England and the Mid-Atlantic states — the researchers termed “temperamental and uninhibited;”

The South and Midwest were labeled — “friendly and conventional;”

The West Coast, Rocky Mountains, and Sun Belt, described as — “relaxed and creative.”

Additionally, below are a few fun facts:

-Wisconsin is the most extroverted state.

-Vermont is the most introverted state.

-Utah is the most agreeable and least neurotic state.

-West Virginia is the most neurotic state.

-Washington, D.C., is the most open-minded state.

There is no shortage of historical and geographical explanations for why the regions break down the way they do, but migration is the biggest piece of the puzzle.  

Pioneers who moved West were, by definition, people with open, curious, flexible temperaments, traits that become part of the settled regions’ DNA and were passed down through the generations.

The researchers found a creative way to conform this theory, comparing the state the 48 surveyed states became part of the union with their relaxed and creative profile.  The result: the later a state joined, the higher its score turned out to be.  That very openness and wanderlust stays with native-born residents of these regions, often impelling them to keep right on moving.


Which state did you get?  I got South Carolina — at least I am living on the right coast!  Take the quiz here, and leave your answer!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Anonymous #

    I got North Carolina

    October 30, 2013

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