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Victory: Transition

Victory is doing quite well considering she has undergone a big change in her life by coming to live with us as she moved away from everything familiar to her — her foster family and her furry foster brothers whom Victory came to love.  Victory is really enjoying her walks outside and she also likes car rides!  However, Doug and I do not want to overwhelm her anymore than is necessary, so we have not taken her on any outings, i.e., inside of stores, parks, etc.  Thus, we will forego taking her to the pumpkin patch this year; however, Doug hopes to carve a pumpkin this year!  In time, when Victory becomes more comfortable, this will all change!  We are excited to see her personality shine through!

Currently, Victory still seems to feel the most safe in our bed, on the sofa, and in her crate.  She is going potty and eating well.  Doug even ordered her some of the treats she likes so much that she received while living with her foster family, as we were unable to locate these treats locally!  We recently discovered that Victory really likes plain popcorn!   Victory is really sweet and she even lets me brush her fur and brush her teeth with no issues.  We plan to give Victory her first bath this weekend.  She also loves to cuddle — our little ‘cuddle bug!’  In fact, Victory is sitting on my lap as I write this blog post!  Victory has begun to give us licks/kisses and she is also now staring to come on her own to our bedroom when we go to bed versus us carrying her to bed!  She places herself right between us for bed!  She is a smart little sheltie!  Each morning Victory waits patiently on our bed as I shower and get ready for the day and then we go on our morning walks together!

Doug and I have also been making progress on our new house.  We started to decorate — the fun part!  We have been working our way down our list of items to complete in our new home!  It feels very nice to be somewhat settled.  When Doug and I picked up some items for the house this weekend, we picked up a Halloween costume for little Victory!  We also got Victory a cute Halloween collar that she is wearing in the photos shown below!  (We did not take her to the stores with us, but we measured her ahead of time).  Per some neighbors, it sounds like there will likely be trick-or-treating for the furry family members in the neighborhood!  How fun!  It is nice to meet others who care so much about their furry family members — we are in good company!

Below are some photographs taken of our precious little Victory this past weekend.  We are making progress slowly but surely with our wonderful Victory!  Doug completed and sent in the paper work this weekend for (1) Victory’s County Pet License and (2) the transfer of her microchip — what a responsible Daddy!  She is very beautiful and we are extremely grateful that Victory has entered our lives.  Biscuit has given us a wonderful gift — the ability to grow and love another dog deeply and unconditionally.


IMG_2453 2

IMG_2432 2

IMG_2436 2

IMG_2419 2

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  1. Pat Pope #

    Really enjoyed today’s newsletter. Victory is so beautiful! It sounds like she is adjusting very well. How could she not with such loving parents!

    October 22, 2013
  2. Anonymous #

    Victory looks so very happy!

    October 22, 2013
  3. Dana Atnip #

    She’s absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy that she’s adjusting well!

    October 22, 2013

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