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Dog Rescue: The Power of Photography

Recently, I received this lovely note shown below from a person (couple) who rescued a dog because of the photographs that I created of Josie (formerly known as “Lady“) last summer at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS).  A fine art image of Josie is shown below — one of my favorite images.  From BARCS, Josie went to Jasmine’s House, a pit bull rescue organization, where Josie was placed with a foster family.  The images of Josie struck a chord with this couple despite the fact that this couple had just recently lost a life-long furry family member of 17.5 years, and they had decided to wait to rescue another dog.  I have always been a believer that photography can save dogs’ lives, and this story confirms this belief.  I am so happy that Josie has a loving furever home!  It is wonderful that photography can bring furry friends and humans together creating families.

In a recent post, I wrote about pursuing your passion.  While you pursue your passion, it is necessary to release any attachment and expectations to any perceived outcome.  This is a Buddhist teaching.  My mantra and intention this year has been “create.”  I think that my word for next year will be “open.”  I have learned that the best things come to us when we surrender and are open without attachment and expectations to any outcome.

Sometimes, through this journey of creation, you do not know where it is going to lead or what impact, if any, your work will have, which, at times, can be unsettling and uncomfortable.  Other times, you hit road blocks, but your inner fire keeps you moving forward despite the road blocks and unsettling feelings because regardless — you know what you are creating is important.  Other times, your work has a tangible impact, which is even more inspiration and confirmation from the Universe to keep moving forward!  This unexpected note warms my heart!  Our precious little Biscuit is the inspiration for this work, which continues to help other dogs like Josie.


Hi Katherine,

My name is Gina and I adopted Josie from Jasmine’s House.  I just wanted to take a minute and compliment you on your gorgeous work.  I am in awe of your talent.  the way you capture the dogs…you can almost feel their emotions through your photographs.

I wanted to tell you that the reason I contacted Jasmine’s House about Josie was because of your photographs.  We had just lost our dog of 17.5 years a month prior of me seeing the photographs of Josie.  For some reason I was drawn to her photograph.  My husband and I had agreed we were going to wait before we started looking for a new dog but after seeing Josie’s photographs, I could not stop thinking about her.  So many thoughts ran through my mind…her eyes looked right through me.  Finally, I decided to inquire about her.  We brought her home a month later!!!

Thank you for your beautiful work and for photographing these loving babies.  You are helping so many dogs find wonderful homes.

Thank you.

Love, Gina, Nick and Josie


katherine carver photography
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