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Featured: Click Blog, The Photography Magazine

I was incredibly honored when Simona Marani, a writer, from ClickBlog recently contacted me because she wanted to feature my photographs from my black and white series.  I am very grateful to have a feature article in ClickBlog discussing my photography and also sharing my images.  ClickBlog is based in Milan, Italy and this online magazine highlights photographers and current events in the world of photography.  You can read the entire featured article here.  (The English translation is displayed immediately below.)

A big thank you to Simona Marani, Writer, ClickBlog!


The Personality of Dogs in Photographic Portraits by Katherine Carver

The portraits of dogs by Katherine Carver are intimate, unique, exciting, and designed to ferret out what escapes us and is taken for granted.

Katherine Carver’s images are not just a gallery of portraits, but poems that tell of exciting shades of long hair fluttering in the wind and carved by the flashes of light and darkness.

Biscuit, shown above, a dear sweet Shetland Sheepdog, who has touched and stimulated our imagination has changed my life and photography by Katherine Carver, who adopted Biscuit by freeing him from the street.  Biscuit has become the protagonist of many photography shots, and an entire blog, which carries the memory after the disappearance, giving space to the stories of other special dogs who have been given a second chance.

Biscuit was the inspiration for establishing Katherine Carver Photography. Biscuit awakened a desire to carry my camera everywhere – creating images that preserve fleeting moments that chronicle Biscuit’s story forever.

Biscuit, a life partner, awakened artistic adventures for Katherine Carver who lives in Maryland, specifically her desire to photograph the dogs in a different way – utilizing unique features of each dog thereby creating unique and intimate photographs.

I am the happiest behind my camera creating photographs and recording another realm that would otherwise remain unseen.  I believe those who hire me are actively searching for a customized and alternative fine art documentary approach.  I work on location in a documentary and unobtrusive manner, creating compelling, story-telling photographs that go beyond the predictable and scripted images.

Portraits in black and white, dogs of different breeds, sizes, and stories, each with unique personalities and characteristics, such as the patch of white hair in the black coat of Jax, the beautiful stray dog rescued by Jen from the Baltimore County Animal Shelter, along with many other dogs that come from animal shelters.  You can peek into this small gallery with your eyes containing profiles to contemplate and to recognize emotions and memories to awaken a host of dormant consciences.


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  1. Pat Pope #

    Katie – You are really making a name for yourself! Quite a deal to be featured in an Italian magazine.

    August 26, 2013

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