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Tips for Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.” ~ Maya Angelou

Recently, I have been looking for inspiration to be more creative.  Below are some ideas that have helped me, and I hope that they help you,  if you are in need of some creativity!

1. Creative Types.  Surround yourself with creative people.

2. Special Places.  Go to places that inspire you.

3. Hone Your Craft.  Spend time on your craft, whether it is art, photography, writing, or music, etc.  Hone your skills and practice, practice, and practice until you feel in control of your medium and at the same time vulnerable to it.

4. Laugh.  Do not take yourself or your work too seriously.  Sometimes you are exploring and other times you are doing it for real.  However, you get to define “real.”

5. Daydream.  Take time to daydream.  Do something other than your craft, or your mind will not have time to regroup.

6. Surrender.  I noticed that things go much more smoothly when I surrender —when I allow them to happen instead of making them happen.

Surrender = Complete acceptance of what is + Faith that all is well.


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