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Honoring Biscuit: A Colorado Blue Spruce

Over the weekend we received in the mail a baby Colorado blue spruce tree in honor of Biscuit.  It was a pleasant surprise to receive this piece of non-traditional mail that we were not expecting.  We consulted with a local nursery on how to appropriately plant this tree to ensure that it thrives — we do not want it to die.  Since Doug and I are currently in transition as we are waiting for our new forthcoming home to be finished being built, we planted this little tree in a pot to be kept inside our home, shown below.  Once we move to the new house, we will also frame and place one of our favorite photographs of our little Biscuit by this tree.  (Right now, most of our personal effects are packed away).  Additionally, once we move to the new house and when the time is right, we will eventually plant this little tree outside!  Each time we look at it, we think of our little Biscuit.

Doug is diligently monitoring, watering, and even talking to the little tree in Biscuit’s honor, shown below.  Doug has even coined this tree, “the little guy’s tree.”

Doug and I are currently discussing and working on ways that we will commemorate and honor our little Biscuit.  Thank you for your continued good thoughts and wishes.  We really appreciate it.  Thank you.


IMG_8725 2

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  1. P. Pope #

    What a great way to remember ‘the little guy’.

    Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 13:03:30 +0000 To:

    July 25, 2013

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