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The Importance of a Snow Cone Machine!

This past Friday evening we drove to Annapolis to pick up our little Biscuit from the hospital.  Biscuit was in the ICU for a total of 5 days (4 nights).  We did not know that they had an ICU for animals as this was our first experience leaving Biscuit, our first dog, at the hospital.  Biscuit had never spent the night without at least one of us being with him.  It was a major adjustment for us not to have him at home with us.  It was an exhausting week last week, but we are thankful that Biscuit is now home — and so is Biscuit!  We were nervous to take him home because we wanted to make sure we could handle taking care of him.  Now I have an inkling of what it might feel like for first-time new moms who bring their human baby home for the first time — feeling a bit unsure, overwhelmed, and tired.

The surgeon at Biscuit’s discharge appointment, on Friday, told us that it was very important for Biscuit to drink liquids to stay hydrated especially due to Biscuit’s kidney disease.  Biscuit was not drinking or eating at the hospital, which the surgeon told us is not too out of the ordinary as Biscuit was grumpy being in the hospital.  (Biscuit was receiving continuous IV fluids at the hospital.)  Doug and I were nervous that Biscuit would not drink at home due to his cone which we cannot remove even for a short period because of Biscuit’s drain, which thankfully gets removed this week.  (We also hope that the cone comes off this week!  Next week, Biscuit’s stitches are coming out!)  Most of all, we wanted to prevent Biscuit from going back to the hospital as he was not a happy camper staying at the hospital — and we cannot blame him for feeling that way.

So, on Saturday morning, Doug had an ingenious idea to try making Biscuit snow cones (with no flavoring, of course!).  To our surprise, it worked!  Doug was so happy that he called the hospital back and let them know his idea concerning the snow cone worked!  Biscuit had about 10 snow cones (hand fed) over the weekend and he has been peeing like a champ outside!  We were so happy to see him getting liquids down!  (Doug also purchased a back up snow cone maker this weekend in case the first one breaks as the snow cone machine is inexpensive!)  Doug and I have enjoyed a few snow cones ourselves using a few of these syrups!  A few photographs of the snow cone machine and snow cone are shown below!

After mastering the liquids, the next hurdle was eating.  We tried many different things and finally on Sunday night, Biscuit ate 3 small chicken breasts (hand fed)!  It will take some time, per the surgeon, to get Biscuit back on his prescription diet (for his kidneys) along with his normal medications.  At least we are making some progress in a positive way.

After mastering eating and drinking — next came the elimination — the poop!  I know that it gross to think about poop, but we got our first poops yesterday out of Biscuit, and they were a #3 and #4 on the Bristol Stool Scale!

Biscuit has even taken a few steps around the house and he is maneuvering pretty well all considering what he has been through with the surgery and hospitalization.  His balance is still off due to the removal of his ear canal on his left side, which regulates his balance, but the surgeon said that this should resolve and Biscuit will learn to compensate, with time.  Things should also improve when Biscuit’s cone is removed.  We hope with each day, Biscuit keeps improving!  Biscuit still loves sleeping by his fan!  We love having him home and enjoy his smile — through everything Biscuit is still smiling!  Biscuit is resilient and we are thankful that he is so strong.

Thank you everyone for your continued good wishes for little Biscuit!

IMG_8503 2

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  1. Carol #

    God is great!! So thankful that Biscuit has improved and thank God for the snow machine, who would have thought that a snow cone machine would serve such a wonderful purpose.

    July 2, 2013
  2. Rebecca #

    Happy to hear of Biscuit’s wonderful progress. I am sure he is happy to be home with his Mommy and Daddy.

    July 2, 2013
  3. Pat Pope #

    What a great idea – for humans as well as animals.. So relieved he is making progress.

    July 2, 2013
  4. Anonymous #

    You are all very wonderful dog parents. No one and no dog could ask for better.
    Glad he is doing so well.

    July 2, 2013
  5. Kudos to Doug! What an ingenius idea! Isn’t it amazing how we stretch our minds and search for solutions when our furbabies are in jeopardy? Tip of the iceberg here, but you guys are right on!! I couldn’t imagine having my furbaby in the hospital for so long! My, that is very stressful, and scary. It is wonderful Biscuit is making such great progress after a hard surgery like that. He is a very, very lucky and blessed little doggie to have such wonderful, loving Puppy Parents, as you & Doug. Wishing you all the best and continued success! With positive thoughts, love & kisses….~Char

    July 2, 2013

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