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Four&Sons Journal

I recently discovered Four&Sons, a digital dog loving publication.  Four&Sons is based in Australia and this publication appeals to a wide audience as it documents the relationship of man and his best friend.   To mark their first anniversary, Four&Sons have further explored their love of canine culture with the launch of a truly beautiful print publication, known as The Four&Sons Journal.   Printed on newsprint, the full-sized journal is a real treat for dog and design lovers.  Art, photography, and writing enthusiasts will surely love it!  Inside you will find an array of insightful interviews, artist profiles, and no shortage of photo-essays.

The Four&Sons journal has been created as a limited-edition souvenir of sorts.  Within its pages you will find haunting imagery, artwork and interviews with creative dog lovers the world over, for whom creativity and canine companionship is inseparable.  This includes work by photographers Nicolas Wilmouth and Andrew Pinkham, as well as dog-centric anecdotes from a global network of pet lovers including London-based designer Abigail Ahern; Melbourne-born NYC based artist Josh Gurrie and his partner Samantha; Melbourne jeweler Julia deVille; and local writer Max Olijnyk.

You can find the one-off Four&Sons journal for free in select shops in Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and Los Angeles.  For those located elsewhere, a copy can be acquired online for between $3.50-7.50 AUD.




Happy Wednesday!

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