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Speaking with a Pet Communicator

Recently, I spoke with Lisa Green, a pet communicator, about our little Biscuit.  Now, some may think that I am crazy for speaking with a pet communicator, but a trusted friend told me that Lisa really helped her with her horse’s health issues.  Since Biscuit has recently had some health changes, we decided to have a reading done by Lisa.  If you are interested, some highlights of what we learned from and about Biscuit are outlined below.

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Biscuit described himself to Lisa as a “Little Lassie Dog.”  He said that he looks like a bigger dog than he really is because he has so much fur!

Biscuit told Lisa that he looks more “odd” on his left side and he said that he looks wonderful on his right side.  He said that his best side is his right side.

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Lisa said that Biscuit is not where Doug and I are from.

Lisa said that Biscuit speaks in a southern accent and she saw hundreds of dogs at the base of the hills where Biscuit came from.  Lisa described this as a huge operation, i.e., a puppy mill.  She said that Biscuit was lonely there.

Lisa said that Biscuit was skin and bones living in these conditions and his nails were so long that it made it very difficult to walk.

Lisa said that Biscuit was tossed out of where he was living once they were done with him.

Biscuit said that he was happy that we traveled to rescue him.

Biscuit said that he misses the woman older than us; he really likes her and she is responsible for his fur coat getting and looking better.  (We believe that Biscuit is referring to Carol Guth, the woman who heads the Sheltie Haven Sheltie Rescue, Inc., where Biscuit lived prior to us rescuing and adopting him).

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Lisa said that Biscuit told her that he is not ready to die.  She indicated that Biscuit will be here a while (barring an accident, etc.).

Lisa said that she feels “off” about Biscuit’s left leg when he runs.  His left back left leg turns in.  However, it does not bother Biscuit, but you can see his left leg turn in when he runs.

Lisa said that Biscuit is missing a lot of teeth and asked us how many teeth were missing.  (We found out when we rescued Biscuit that he is missing many back teeth on both sides.).  Per Lisa, Biscuit’s mouth does not hurt, but he finds it difficult to eat at times due to the missing teeth.

Lisa feels “off” about the top right tooth behind the K-9 tooth.  Lisa said to keep an eye on this tooth.

Concerning Biscuit’s recent surgery, she said that Biscuit said that he went into surgery for one thing and it turned out to be something different.  (We thought that Biscuit had polyps, which turned out to be cancerous tumors).

The lobe of Biscuit’s right ear feels “off” to Lisa.

In Biscuit’s left ear, Lisa does not sense an infection; she feels that there is long-standing “gunk” in this ear, which has been there for quite some time.  Lisa feels that Biscuit’s left ear has a lot of scar tissue, but, again, she does not sense an infection.

Lisa sensed changes in Biscuit’s blood work – specifically the BUN (blood urea nitrogen), increases in the kidney values.  Lisa said that there is a problem with the nitrogen and urea that there is some sort of conversion problem.  She advised that we speak to the vet further concerning this matter.  She feels that the kidney issues are different than what we are thinking.

Lisa feels that the kidney on the left side is more impacted than the kidney on the right side.  Thus, the kidney on the left will look different from the kidney located on the right.

Lisa feels that the issues with Biscuit’s kidneys are congenital in nature.

Lisa feels that one of Biscuit’s lymph nodes is “iffy.”  She was unable to provide any more information.  She told us to follow-up with the vet on this issue.

Lisa feels that diet will not continue to control the kidney levels.

Lisa does not feel that the medicine is doing what it should be doing, although it may take time for the medicine build up and work in Biscuit’s system.  (We will follow-up with Lisa on this matter).

Lisa said that she feels that there is scar tissue around Biscuit’s ureters (tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder), which has been there for a long time.

Lisa said that Biscuit has been feeling the changes in his health since October 2012, six months ago.

Lisa said that Biscuit has had urinary tract issues on at least two (2) occasions.

Biscuit said after he got neutered, he felt very itchy around this area of his body.  (Biscuit was neutered while he was at the sheltie rescue).

The tumor that was recently removed in Biscuit’s ear — Lisa feels that it will come back, but it will not be for a while.

Lisa said the left ear where the tumor was located feels numb.

Lisa said that Biscuit’s legs on his left side feels weaker than his legs located on his right side.

Biscuit said that his eyes get dry, particularly in the winter with the heat running.

Lisa did not feel any allergies concerning Biscuit.

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Other Information

Biscuit said that he misses the gold dog, a non-sheltie.  (We are not sure who this dog is that she described).

Biscuit does not like the rain.  (We have found in our experience that Biscuit will not go potty (#2) in the rain).

Lisa feels that Biscuit is even-tempered and that Biscuit does not have a lot of fears or anxiety.

Lisa said that Biscuit does not live to eat; Biscuit does not live for food.

Lisa said that when Biscuit gets upset he gets a “nervous tummy.”

Biscuit said that he and I are alike in that I can make Biscuit nervous and he can make me nervous, a cyclical effect.

Biscuit feels like I am his “mommy;”  Biscuit feels that Doug is his “buddy.”

Biscuit wants more fun car rides to fun places.

Biscuit misses our former house, which he loved.  Biscuit said that we were so close to everything and it was very entertaining for him.  In our current temporary housing, it is not as entertaining for Biscuit.

Biscuit feels bored living in our temporary housing.  This is why he is digging at our carpet with his paws — his new hobby.

Biscuit told Lisa that he is famous.  Biscuit showed Lisa the photograph of him running on the beach in Nova Scotia with his wind blowing in his fur and Biscuit smiling.

Biscuit asked why there are no photos of him up in our house, in our temporary housing.  Biscuit wants more photographs of himself displayed.  Lisa told him when our house is finished being built, that Biscuit will be prominently displayed everywhere.  (All of our photos are still packed until we move).

Biscuit said that he loves people.  He likes that everyone knows that he is a sheltie; and he misses all of the outings at our last house where everyone was constantly telling him how handsome he is.  Biscuit wants more outings with people.

Biscuit said that he loves hardwood floors, which feels cool on his tummy.  (It is a good thing that we will have lots of hardwood floors and hardwood stairs at our new house!)

Biscuit feels that everything is different since we moved and sold our last house.

Biscuit said that he misses chasing the cat that he used to chase in our former neighborhood – a hobby for him.  Even though Biscuit likes to chase cats, Biscuit said that he is afraid of cats.

Lisa said that she had a feeling that Biscuit’s former name was “Rooty.”  (Biscuit did not have a response to this name).

Biscuit said that he is not opposed to another dog, as long as it is not a dog larger than him; and Biscuit does not have a preference concerning gender, male or female.  However, Biscuit does not want us to get a cat!

Biscuit feels that our vet is professional, but she is a whirl wind.  Biscuit does not feel that he knows her well.   Biscuit needs to be wooed.  The staff at the vet’s office seems nice to him.

Biscuit likes it when people talk to him and look Biscuit in the eye.

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Follow up

Biscuit needs more stimulation and more to do, i.e., more outings, use games/puzzles with Biscuit to keep him entertained.  (Lisa told Biscuit that we will be moving this summer to our new home.)

Biscuit wants more car rides to fun places and we should therefore take him out more.

Biscuit wants more stimulation and she suggested that we take him outside more so that he can see people and be more connected.

We will do a check-in with Lisa in about a month to follow-up on Biscuit’s health and medicine, etc.  We hope to learn more information at our appointments with the vet and the specialist next week.

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If you wish to contact Lisa Greene, you can visit her website.

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