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Biscuit’s Upcoming Surgery

Today’s blog post is an update concerning our little Biscuit.  Biscuit is having surgery this Friday, April 26, 2013, to remove polyps from his left ear — the ear that has a narrowed and thickened canal from a previous ruptured ear drum.  Per the vet, Biscuit is well enough to undergo anesthesia.  Biscuit will also have his teeth cleaned since he is going to have another procedure completed.  We hope all goes smoothly.

Biscuit’s kidney enzymes have increased and Biscuit started a human form phosphorus binder a few weeks  ago.   We have an appointment scheduled in mid May to consult a specialist to ensure that we are not missing anything and to obtain another opinion from someone who specializes in these types of cases.  We hope that his kidney enzyme levels will not continue to increase rapidly; and we really hope that these kidney enzyme levels will decrease.

Overall, since beginning the phosphorus binder, Biscuit has had a lot of energy, in fact so much energy, that he has kept us up all night for about six nights.   Biscuit is walking better than ever.  He is walking a greater distance than he has ever walked since we rescued and adopted him.   Thankfully, this week, things have begun to calm down and return some normalcy during the night — we hope that the “late night play extravaganzas” will continue to cease.  We are walking Biscuit more during the evenings since he enjoys walking.

Biscuit got bathed and groomed this weekend and he is looking good!  Biscuit had a great weekend filled with a lot of walking in the gorgeous weather.  (However, Doug and I were quite tired out this past weekend from Biscuit’s “late night play extravaganzas”).  We visited the house construction site as well.  Below are some photographs of our little Biscuit from this past weekend!  As you can see, Biscuit still loves building materials!

Thank you to everyone for all of the positive thoughts for Biscuit.  We greatly appreciate it.  Please keep positive thoughts and energy for our Biscuit.

IMG_7180 2

IMG_7176 2

IMG_7209 2

IMG_7212 2

IMG_7229 2

IMG_7232 2

IMG_7253 2

IMG_7243 2

IMG_7254 2

IMG_7415 2

IMG_7300 2

IMG_7342 2

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  1. Hilma #

    Get Well Soon, Biscuit!

    April 24, 2013
  2. Rebecca #

    Keeping Biscuit in our thoughts and prayers.

    April 24, 2013

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