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Why it is important to photograph your dog

For those of you who regularly follow this blog,  you might know (or have guessed), I love to photograph our little Biscuit!  Biscuit is my muse.  I look back through the albums I have made of Biscuit over the past two years, and it always reminds me of memories I may have forgotten such as going somewhere on a day trip together, for example.  These photographs of Biscuit are very important as these photographs capture, document, and preserve a moment in time that has since passed.

Below, I have outlined why, in my opinion, it is very important to photograph your dog!

1. Dogs are part of the family.  Just like Doug and I, most people consider their dog(s) important members of the family.  They bring laughter, forgiveness, loyalty, adoration, and love into our lives.  So, it only seems natural to me to take as many quality photographs as possible of our furry family members.

2. Dogs’ lives are short-lived.  Dogs and other small animals tend to live much shorter lives than their human counterparts, and it is important to realize that their time here in the physical form is often fleeting.  This is one of the most difficult truths about having a furry family member – their time here is very short and it does not seem fair.  This is why it is important to never take for granted our dog’s time here on earth.

3. Photographs preserve the physical attributes and memories of our dogs.  Photographs remind us of the memories we have made with our dogs, while simultaneously capturing the physical attributes of our furry family members.  Since most people consider their dogs as part of the family, it only seems fitting to regularly photograph our furry family members to share with others and to display in our home.  Further, you can consider making a “bragging book” (a compilation of photographs in book form) of your furry family member(s) to show off to your friends and family!  This also makes a great gift!

4. Photographs of our dogs make us happier.  Photographs of our furry family members make us happy.  Just like we generally have photographs of our human family members, often times I have heard stories of people finding themselves looking back with regret because they do not have as many photographs of their dog(s) as they would like have.  Thus, most people are very happy to have frequently photographed their dog(s).  Also, if you adopt a younger dog, through photographs, you can capture and document the transformation of your growing furry family member — a happiness boost!

5. Photographs are tangible.  Photographs are wonderful because they are tangible and give people something concrete to refer back to, which is especially important after someone’s dog passes.

*The moral of the story – do not take anything for granted and be sure to enjoy each day with your furry family member and find a way to regularly photograph and document your furry family members!

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