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A Different Look at Self-Promotion

If you are like most people, you are probably uncomfortable with the idea of “self-promotion.” As a blogger or a business person, you need to promote your offerings so that people will know about them.

However, most people are self-conscious about it.  You do not want to bombard and annoy people, and you do not feel right tooting your own horn.

After reading this, you should never again feel uncomfortable with “self-promotion.”

You are not promoting your SELF.  You are offering a valuable product or service that others need and/or want, and you are telling them about it so they will have an opportunity to benefit from it, if they so choose.

If you truly understand and accept this truth, than promoting should no longer be an issue for you.

Having an honest belief in the goodness of the product or service you are providing is the key to being able to promote it effectively.

It comes down to how you look at business as a whole.  Businesses exist to provide people with something of value.  If you take your business seriously, and run it with integrity, then you are doing something good for the world.  There is no shame in telling people about it.

Try taking inventory of the positive things you are providing with your service or product.  Entertainment, inspiration, enlightenment, education?  What is it?  Do you believe in the goodness of it? (If not, then why are you doing it?)

You are not trying to draw attention to yourself for no reason.  You are offering something of value.  But how will people know unless you tell them?  Let people know that you have something they might like, and if it is not for them, they are free to ignore you.

Your hesitancy to toot your own horn will serve you well.  It will remind you to keep offering something of value, even as you are promoting.  (Free giveaways, extra content, interesting facts or relevant information.  Anything you can offer that people might want.)

You may need to lose the phrase “self promotion” altogether.  When you can replace “tooting your own horn” with what it really is — ”offering something of value” — I think you may find whole new reservoirs of motivation and enthusiasm for it.

Happy Monday!

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