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Why Does My Dog Curl Up in A Ball When He Sleeps?

There are two reasons why your furry family member rolls up in a ball to snooze.  When dogs sleep in the wild, especially where it is cold, they will dig a nest and curl up into it.  This gives the dog warmth and tucking into a ball conserves body heat.  It also protects dogs’ most vulnerable organs in the abdomen area from predators.

Second, if a dog is in unfamiliar territory, he will revert back to the instinct-based, curled-up sleep position.  Thus, giving your dog a blanket can help him dig a nest with the bedding material before he lies down instead of digging a hole to China in your carpet!

Biscuit enjoys his duvet, and often times he spends quite a bit of time getting his duvet in just the right position for him to sleep!  Biscuit can be quite particular!

Other times, Biscuit likes to be wrapped up like a little burrito!

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