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Biscuit Hound About Downtown Halifax!

Biscuit had a big day in downtown Halifax this week!  He strolled all over the city, and loved every minute.  He hopped in his Hound About even before the wheels were assembled onto his Hound About!  Below are some photographs of Biscuit’s adventures!


Biscuit at Dalhousie University in downtown Halifax!  Maybe Biscuit is going to be an engineer like his Daddy!


Biscuit next to the Winston Churchill statue at the library downtown.


Biscuit at the Harbor in downtown Halifax!  Many people came up to Biscuit and wanted to pet Biscuit and they all commented on his Hound About!


Biscuit at Cows Ice Cream in downtown Halifax!  (This year, Biscuit did not have any Cows Ice Cream as he is not permitted to have it per the vet!  Plus, last year, Biscuit got sick after eating the rich Cows Ice Cream).  While we were eating our ice cream, Biscuit attempted to jump out of his Hound About as he wanted to be included!


Biscuit at Cows Ice Cream by the infamous Cow!

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