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Biscuit is featured as a centerfold in the Orvis Women’s Clothing catalog!

Last night we took Biscuit out in his Hound About, which he greatly enjoyed!  On our way to Federal Hill, a neighbor brought to our attention that she saw Biscuit in two of her Orvis Women’s Clothing catalogs!  This is good news as we did not know about Biscuit being in more than one Orvis catalog.  She was nice enough to give them to us!   This means that Biscuit is making an even bigger debut than we anticipated!  We are very pleased.   Photographs are displayed below.


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  1. maggi #

    Wow! They are totally getting their money’s worth out of his photos! LOL!

    But seriously, it is a win-win for Orvis. They are promoting a GREAT cause (which I am sure they can deduct from corporate taxes) which many customers would find endearing, In addition, it gets the word out for rescued pets and rescue organizations. I hope Biscuit’s story makes it to every flippin’ catalog they have. 🙂

    March 22, 2012

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