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The Importance of Dog Rescue – Biscuit’s Successful Rescue

Biscuit is doing really well.  Biscuit is probably in the best health that he has ever been in.  Biscuit’s recent surgery went very well, and Biscuit is in good spirits and he is walking the neighborhood very confidently!  On his walks, Biscuit is always hoping to catch a glimpse of Princess while he is at the neighborhood park — a special treat for Biscuit!  Biscuit is also looking forward to his play with Benji this weekend!

Shown below, one can see Biscuit’s dramatic transformation over the past fourteen (14) months since we rescued our beloved little Biscuit!  As evidenced by the photographs below, dog rescue is extremely important because it gives dogs as well as other animals a second chance at life in a safe and loving home.

There are many local shelters and dog rescue groups in virtually every city.  For further reading to get one started, one can read more about dog rescue at: SPCAASPCA; NMDR; HUA; NDRC; Hooves and Paws Animal; and the American Kennel Club Breed Specific Rescue Groups.

When Doug and I first met Biscuit in late December 2010.



Biscuit Presently.

Happy Friday!

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