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Biscuit’s stitches are out, and his t-shirt is off!

We are happy to report that Biscuit’s stitches are now out and his t-shirt is off as of this morning and the vet said that his incision looks good and has healed properly.  Biscuit was so happy to leave the vet’s office today that he went running to the car and did not even make time to sniff around or go potty!  We received Tramadol medicine, a pain reliever, to give to Biscuit on an intermittent, as needed basis, for his arthritis.  If Biscuit’s arthritis worsens greatly, then we will explore cold laser therapy and adequan injections to treat his arthritis.  (The vet does not want to put Biscuit on medicine for his arthritis on a regular basis due to his kidney issue).  We will return to the vet in April 2012 for blood work and urinalysis concerning Biscuit’s kidney issue, etc.  If all goes well at the vet visit in April, we do not have to return to the vet until October 2012 for a follow-up.

Biscuit will get a bath tomorrow to freshen up – more photographs to follow!  We are happy that all is going well for our little Biscuit.

Happy Friday!

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  1. maggi #

    Yeeeay Biscuit! Good boy!
    Yeah, we’re lucky that Benji can be on the arthritis meds since he has no kidney issues. But, Biscuit still gets around better than Benji. 😀 So that’s a good thing.

    March 2, 2012

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