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What is Biscuit Going to Order?

Doug and I have been trying to decide what we should get our little Biscuit with the gift card from Orvis as the prize for Biscuit being chosen a an Orvis Cover Dog Winner!

We are not sure if we want to change either of his beds for a new Orvis bed since he likes his current beds.

We like these items below, especially the item for the car for when we drive to Nova Scotia this summer for vacation.  We have time to decide…

Biscuit is doing really well and he is very active — the most active we have ever seen him.  We hope that he will get to see Princess, another rescue dog, in the neighborhood, that he is really into!  When he spots Princess, his ears immediately raise, his tail starts wagging, and he starts making a whistling sound!  He will walk all over the neighborhood park (off leash) in order to get her attention and play!  That would be a great Valentine’s Day present for Biscuit!

We feel very grateful to have our little Biscuit in our lives and we are keeping good thoughts for his surgery on February 17, 2012.  It a wonderful feeling  to come home each day and see Biscuit with his big brown eyes filled with affection and unconditional love!

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  1. maggi #

    Maybe Biscuit should buy a gift for Princess. 😀

    February 20, 2012

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