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Greetings from Biscuit

Biscuit is a Shetland Sheepdog who was rescued in August of 2010 off of the streets in North Carolina.  He was severely malnourished, his fur coat was almost non-existent, and he was missing multiple teeth.  Biscuit likely lived in a puppy mill as his back legs are deformed from likely spending too much time in cramped, unhealthy, quarters.  Biscuit was then taken to a sheltie rescue in Frederick, Maryland, where he lived with many other shelties in the hopes of getting adopted.  We had the fortunate opportunity to meet Biscuit in December of 2010.   When we first met Biscuit he was very sad and extremely timid, and we were not sure that he would ever come out of his shell.  We decided to adopt Biscuit on the spot, and he has been a loving member of our family ever since.  Gone is the shy, apprehensive Biscuit.  In its place is a confident, friendly, and handsome Biscuit with a zest for life.

Below is a photograph of Biscuit when we first met him in December 2010.

Fortunately, Biscuit’s life has dramatically changed for the better and he does not even look like the same dog when we met him – Biscuit has literally gone from living on the street to becoming an Orvis Cover Dog Winner!   Please see the following links and photographs below.  Please see this link announcing the Orvis Cover Dog Winners.

Further, you can read more about Biscuit’s rescue success story at the following link, where Orvis has kindly shared Biscuit’s success story!

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