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Preserving Your Child’s Artwork Forever

This fall, I recently made a book of all of Alex’s preschool Artwork. I had saved so much of her artwork, from preschool, and I wanted to find a way to save it without holding onto every piece of her artwork, if you know what I mean. So, I bought some white foam board and used my iPhone and photographed and edited the pieces that I wanted to save, to include in this book. I made a 70 page book of all of her preschool work, approximately 138 pieces of her artwork, via OnceUpon, and I selected that matte paper option. The book turned out well, it is simple in design, and it was not too expensive as compared to other places where you can make books.

The best part is — I printed one of these books for Alex, and she loves looking at her art via this book, and it is also a way to encourage her to keep making her beautiful art, which she loves to make, regularly! The arts are really important, and we hope to keep fostering this love within Alex. I hope to make yearly books of her artwork as a way of preserving her artworks!

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