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Staying Organized on Paper

I have always used a paper planner ever since I can remember.  Along with my planner, I maintain a large to do list of everything that I want and need to get done in the short-term (daily and weekly) and long-term, which I update daily.  Doug gets overwhelmed when he looks at this list, but I feel overwhelmed without my list!  This practice saves me time and I make sure that items do not slip through the cracks.  Usually during the summer months, I purchase a weekly calendar that contains an entire calendar year, January through December, and then I start marking it up before the year begins.  I purchased this year’s calendar, shown below, in Montreal.

I think that there is something to be said for being able to quickly glance at my calendar and to do list without flipping through screens, typing changes, and updates, etc.  Plus, there have been studies that indicate a higher degree of happiness from using a paper planner.  For me, it is not as efficient to keep an electronic calendar.  Everyone is different.  I like the ability to write, erase, cross-off, use post-it notes, etc., which is faster than typing for me.  Doug, on the other hand, does not keep a calendar in paper or electronic form — not sure how he does it…well, I do because I am the one keeping the calendar for us all!


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