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Victory: Thanksgiving 2014

We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Victory had a great Thanksgiving!  Here she is pictured on Thanksgiving morning going for her morning walk with her cute pink fleece and matching hat, that is a little crooked as she had just shook her entire body!  Victory ate turkey for dinner instead of her kibble!  During dinner, she placed herself squarely right between Doug and I to ensure she got enough turkey!  She did try a little bit of mashed potatoes as well and Victory did not have any complaints!  We also took Victory for her first trip to Annapolis over the weekend and she had a grand time!  (I will share more on our adventure soon!)

Victory was “on” all weekend while family visited and now she is catching up on her sleep after much excitement!  Victory loves her routine and when her routine changes from the norm, we think it is a bit scary for her.

Victory ordered her Christmas tree and she is going to help us decorate our tree when it comes in the mail from Maine in the next couple of days!  This will be Victory’s first Christmas tree!

Happy Tuesday!


IMG_2350 3

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  1. Victory is so adorable–and especially in that coat and hat! I’m glad to hear Victory enjoyed her turkey and can’t wait to hear about the trip to Annapolis.

    December 2, 2014
  2. Pat Pope #

    Looks like you had good weather. If I met this CUTE bundle of fur in pink while walking I don’t know what I would do!!!!!.

    December 2, 2014

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