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Victory: At the Pond

Victory traveled really well in the car on our recent drive to visit family!  She sat (and slept) on my lap for nearly ten hours!  Thankfully, Doug did all of the driving for us.  Victory met her other set of grandparents for the first time!  Victory is having a good time and she is acclimating to her new surroundings.  Victory still prefers to be on furniture versus the floor!  She has found her favorite chair to sit in!  Victory now comes and hops into my lap — hopefully, we are getting more bonded with each other each day!  She is our precious cuddle bug!

From our own neighborhood walks at home, we know that Victory really likes looking at water.  There is a pond behind the house and she is mesmerized by the water!  Below are a few photographs of Victory on a recent walk near the pond!  Victory is looking so happy and beautiful! Victory’s sheltie furs are coming in more each day!  Victory is ready for Santa!


IMG_6205 2

IMG_6220 2

IMG_6224 2

IMG_6217 2


IMG_6228 2






IMG_6239 2