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Remembering Nick

It is with a heavy heart to share that my parents’ rescue papillon dog, Nick, passed away in early August, at home in my Dad’s arms with both of my parents with him, outside on their deck with the sun shinning brightly. It was very peaceful; and it was heartbreaking simultaneously. Nick was seventeen and he lived with my parents for eleven years. Nick stayed here on earth as long as his body allowed him to stay.

Nick came into my parents’ lives in 2011, the same year that Doug and I rescued Biscuit. Nick was such a good, sweet little dog, and my parents loved him so very much and they treated him like one of their human kids. Nick adored my Dad, and literally followed my Dad everywhere, whether that be watching my Dad while he used the exercise bike; going outside with my Dad while he worked in the yard; sitting by my Dad while he worked on his computer; going for car rides together; or cuddling up with my Dad while he took a nap. Also, you could always find Nick in the kitchen while my Mom cooked, hoping to find any remnant of food on the floor to eat; and Nick always went to my Mom when he wanted a treat or some chicken breast, his absolute favorite food! I remember Nick always barking and being so excited to see us when we returned home from being out somewhere! Nick always came with my parents when they came out to visit, and we are so glad that he made it to Alex’s fourth birthday party. Nick was spoiled and very well cared for, as every dog should be, and he even ate dinner at the dining room table with my parents in the evenings, as he had his own chair at the dinning room table! Nick was always friendly to everyone he met. Most of all, Nick gave my parents so much joy and comfort.

Nick knew both Biscuit and Victory, our rescue shelties, and life will never be the same without Nick. This was also Alex’s first encounter with death and the finality of it all, which is often challenging for adults to grasp. Alex asks many questions about heaven and what it means to die. We believe that Nick is free of pain, and both Nick and Biscuit are together in heaven. I believe losing a beloved animal can sometimes be more difficult than losing a human. Your furry family member(s) is literally always there for you, loves you unconditionally, and it is unbearable to imagine a life without them. Shown below is one of my favorite quotes about the great loss of a beloved animal. Nick will forever be in our hearts and he is greatly missed here on earth.

“There is a cycle of love and death that shapes the lives of those who choose to travel in the company of animals.  It is a cycle unlike any other.  To those who have never lived through its turnings or walked its rocky path, our willingness to give our hearts with full knowledge they will be broken seems incomprehensible.  Only we know how small a price we pay for what we receive; our grief, no matter how powerful it may be, is an insufficient measure of the joy we have been given.” —Suzanne Clothier

Do you have a Nickname?

Do you have a fun nickname?  Funnily enough, our baby Alex already has a nickname!  About two months after Alex was born, Doug came home from work and, while I held Alex, Doug greeted her and he proceeded to pull Alex’s pants at the waist band, (Alex was wearing a cotton onesie with matching cotton pants with an elastic waist band), and she subsequently let out the loudest cry, her face became beat red, and she was very, very upset, as a result.  Ever sense, Doug has referred to Alex as “britches,” and the nickname has stuck!  What an unlikely nickname!  Also, Victory has a couple of nicknames, “Tory” and “Ms. T.”  Victory knows her nicknames very well, and she always responds to in kind!  I sometimes catch myself mixing up their names, especially when I am tired.

Doug also has a nickname for me, “Big Cheetah,” which has stuck for the past almost fifteen years!  And, Doug is my “Panda.”  The ‘cheetah and panda’ is a metaphor for our relationship, and we even had a cheetah and panda displayed atop our wedding cake!  We also have a collection, that has been put away, due to Alex’s arrival, comprising a menagerie of cheetahs and pandas that we have acquired over the past fifteen years!  Maybe Alex will like to play with them some day, as some of the cheetahs and pandas now reside in her nursery!  We are not sure what animal metaphor represents Alex, yet, but she seems, thus far, not to be a “panda,” but time will tell . . .


Happy Birthday, Nick!

Over the weekend, it was Nick’s birthday and he turned nine, we think!  Nick, as most of you might know who have been reading the blog, is my parents’ rescue papillon mix dog!  My parents adopted Nick in August of 2011.  In our family, we celebrate our furry family members’ birthdays (we most recently celebrated Victory’s birthday in October!)  This year, we gave Nick an LLBean dog bone fleece pillow with his name embroidered in red block lettering!  Nick loves red — his collar, leash, and Hound About are all red!  We are all for spoiling our furry family members!

Happy Birthday, Nick!

P.S.  Here is a fun video of Nick!


IMG_5882 2

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Over the weekend, it was Nick’s birthday and he turned eight, we think!  Nick, as most of you might know who have been following the blog, is my parents’ rescue papillon mix dog!  My parents adopted Nick in August of 2011.  In our family, we celebrate our furry family members’ birthdays (we most recently celebrated Victory’s birthday in October!)  This year, we got Nick an assortment of bandannas for his birthday!  Nick also got a new sweater from my parents, which he is wearing below.  Last year, we got Nick an Orvis bed, and the year before, we got him an embroidered sweater!  We are all for spoiling our furry family members!

Happy Birthday, Nick!

P.S.  Here is a video of Nick!


photo-3 Nick birthday 2014


Photo Credit: My parents.

Featured: Daily Dog Tag: Nick, Photography Commission, Howard County, Maryland

I am happy and honored to report that one of my photography commissions was recently featured in the Daily Dog Tag!  This feature highlights Nick along with some of my photographs of Nick from our photography session!  Nick, my parents’ dog, is a rescue papillon mix dog who is roughly seven-years-old.  He is very devoted to his Daddy — Nick’s favorite person!  We found very simple backgrounds to highlight Nick during this photography session along with utilizing wonderful natural light.  Nick was quite cooperative and I was happy to photograph and capture the essence of little Nick!   At the end of our photography session, our little Biscuit joined in for a few photographs with his “Uncle Nick”!

Additionally, you can also watch an adorable video of Nick!  (I am happy to report that Nick is feeling much better!)

You can read the entire feature here!

If you are interested in commissions, please find further information here!

Happy Wednesday!


Daily Dog Tag Screen Shot 1

Daily Dog Tag Screen Shot 2

Daily Dog Tag Screen Shot 3

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Today is Nick’s birthday and he turns seven, we think!  Nick, as most of you might know who have been following the blog, is my parents’ rescue papillon mix dog!  My parents adopted Nick in August of 2011.  In our family, we celebrate our furry family members’ birthdays!  This year, we got Nick an Orvis bed for his birthday, shown below, that we purchased during our trip to Vermont with Biscuit this past spring.  Last year, we got Nick an embroidered sweater for his birthday!

We just could not let Nick be without an Orvis bed since Biscuit loved his Orvis beds so much!  We have three Orvis beds, and Victory is currently sleeping with us each night and she has not yet shown interest in her Orvis beds or her new duvet!  In time, we hope that she will want to use her beds at some point when she feels comfortable!

When we were in Michigan last month, to rescue and adopt Victory, we saw that Nick enjoys sitting and sleeping on his Orvis bed, shown below, which is situated right next to his Daddy — the most important person in Nick’s life!


orvis bed


Nick goes crazy for my Dad when he comes home and especially when my Dad asks Nick if he wants to go “bye-bye!” Nick’s eyes light up and Nick barks and he jumps up and down with pure excitement and genuine love for his Daddy!  Nick is really adorable as shown in this video shown immediately below where my Dad asks Nick if he wants to go “bye-bye!”  (To view the video, click on the arrow on the video).



Happy Birthday, Nick-Nick!

P.S. — Please send positive and healing thoughts to Nick.  Recently and shortly after this above video was made, Nick had an encounter with another dog who came off leash from his owner.  Nick was terrified and in the process Nick got hurt.  Nick went to the vet and he is on pain medicine; however, he hurt his back and he is unable to lift his tail.  He is making progress each day.  We hope soon that Nick will heal up and that he will no longer be in any pain.


IMG_3408 3

*The photograph shown above of Nick on his new Orvis bed and the video shown above are courtesy of my parents.

Biscuit and Nick!

Last week I shared some photographs of Nick from Nick’s photography commission, during my parents’ visit!  Many people really liked the photographs, especially the one of Biscuit and Nick together!  Well, here are a few more photographs of little Biscuit and Nick patiently waiting for a treat…well actually Biscuit waiting for some prescription kibble!  (Nick even tried Biscuit’s prescription kibble and did not mind it!)

Happy Thursday!

IMG_9004 2

IMG_9001 2

IMG_9002 2

IMG_9005 2

IMG_9013 3

Biscuit and Nick Cruising the Home Construction Site!

While my parents and Nick were in town last week, we went to see the progress being made on the new house — and things are progressing and moving forward.   We should have our pre-drywall meeting in a few weeks!  Below are a few photographs of Biscuit and Nick enjoying themselves on a beautiful day!  Nick even posed on a Caterpillar tractor machine!  Biscuit and Nick both had a good time together perusing the construction grounds!

Happy Friday!

IMG_8670 2

IMG_8560 2

IMG_8678 2

IMG_8732 2

IMG_8671 2

IMG_8548 2

IMG_8651 2

IMG_8642 2

IMG_8641 2

IMG_8612 2

IMG_8629 2

IMG_8710 2

Howard County, Maryland Photography Commission: Nick

This past weekend, my parents came to visit and they brought along their dog, Nick!  Nick is a papillon mix rescue dog who is approximately six-years-old.  Anyone who has met Nick knows that he loves his Daddy!  Nick is his Daddy’s shadow and follows him everywhere…sometimes Nick is even disappointed that he cannot go into the bathroom with his Daddy!  Nick is smart and he does listen well.  Nick is quite vocal compared to Biscuit; Nick reacts to the slightest sound.  Most of all, though, Nick is devoted to his Daddy.  After our photo shoot, I took Nick to Five Guys for a little hamburger, which he loved.  (Little Biscuit has been on and he continues to be on a strict prescription diet and, therefore, he could not come with us).   Nick and Biscuit seem to get along well together.  By the last night of the visit, Nick sat in my lap without running away to his Daddy!

We had gorgeous weather for a photography shoot and Nick did not mind having his photos taken as long as his Daddy was near by!  I love the simple scenery that we happened to find!

Some highlights from our photography session are shown below.  If you are interested in commissions, please find further information here!

Happy Tuesday!


IMG_8376 2

IMG_8378 2

IMG_8373 2

IMG_8452 2

IMG_8422 2

IMG_8320 2

IMG_8364 2

IMG_8940 2

IMG_8908 2

IMG_9025 2

IMG_9019 2

IMG_9013 2

Uncle Nick and Biscuit!

Below are some photographs of Nick (my parents’ dog) and Biscuit!  Nick and Biscuit are getting along fairly well on Nick’s home turf!

IMG_3373 2

IMG_3400 2

IMG_3408 2

IMG_3380 2

Happy Friday!