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Prints Matter: Printing Your Images

We live in a digital age, and most people today no longer print their images regularly, but they have thousands of images housed on their digital devices.  However, it is really worth printing the images that you like and enjoy, as it brings so much joy!  With the amount of images from our cameras and iPhones, computers, and those taken by friends and family, it can be difficult to keep up with all the digital images you have taken.  I do my best to stay on top of my images by editing them soon after shooting (and upon receiving images from others); then, I pick my favorites and have them printed: to place in albums; frames for around the house; and frames for our walls.

On my computer, I organize my personal images in main folders and sub folders, by chronological date.  You can also organize by the type of event, date, person, etc.  Whatever works well for you to keep track of you images.

1. Edit – First, edit your images to your desired look, using Photoshop, Lightroom, and other photo based apps.

2. Back Up – Additionally, I always back up my images in two additional places for safe keeping.

3. Printer – Next, depending upon the cost and quality of printing you prefer, find a printing service you are satisfied with, and then start printing your images in the desired sizes, while keeping in mind: (1) the size of the image file and your desired resolution (the larger the image file, the larger you can print your image at your desired resolution); and (2) how you want to present these images — in a frame, on the wall, in a custom made frame with a mat, etc.  This will help you determine what size image you should print, etc.  There are many places online where you can have your images printed as well as having archival fine art prints made, which last much longer than a traditional print, if protected and cared for properly.

4. Presentation – Next, find albums (made with acid free paper) and frames that compliment the image(s).  If you go the custom frame route, make sure you are using an acid free mat and use a framer who specializes in archival framing of photographs.

5. Frame – Finally, frame those images and place in your desired locations!

If you get into this habit, it is much more manageable than sifting through thousands of images while trying to organize a massive quantity of images at one time.  Working a little at a time, is much easier to manage and keep up with.

Importantly, after printing and framing images around your home, you will likely find that your home looks and feels better and, most of all, brings you joy!

Additionally, if you want to easily bring some personal images into your kitchen, I highly recommend the Sticky9 magnets — you can have many images on your fridge, and you can continually update your images using these magnets very easily!  We currently have over 100 Sticky9 photo magnets on our fridge!  You will never have to worry about images falling off or getting damaged this way!

I also like making yearly calendars and photo books of significant events and of our trips that we take each year, and I recommend using Artifact Uprising.

Happy printing and framing!


Making Prints and Framing Images


*Images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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